The American economy has demonstrated that outsourcing some types of labor overseas can be beneficial to both business and consumer markets. While this may work for manufacturing roles, it is by no means conducive to quality software development.

Stamping out car parts or computer chips is a cut and dry process that can be delegated to unskilled workers with little or no room for misinterpretation of the details. Since there is only one way to tighten a screw, there are only so many problems that can arise.

As most would agree, computer programming is a far removed from a Phillips head and requires ongoing communication and responsive action, even when there is a clear beginning and a defined ending. The public knows what an iPad is supposed to look like, but does your CEO really know how your finished web site should appear? More importantly, can he tell you exactly how said site should work? With so many variables in the creation of a corporate web prescience, we know that most plans won't survive the battle. The skill level and intuition of your contractor can truly make or break both your deadline and your bottom line.

There is much to be said for the spirit of American entrepreneurs, but when business men are only in the business of collecting your check and sending the actual work to another country, problems and delays are almost inevitable. Saving a few thousand dollars today may seem attractive, but when the curtain is pulled back and all you find are smoke and mirrors, who can you hold accountable?

At Paisley Systems, our reputation means more to us than profit. Not only will you know the name and phone number of the people working on your project, but after being in business for eight years, you know we will be here even after the check has cleared. In conclusion, communication issues can be a problem in any situation, but a lot less so if both parties speak the same language.