Javascript is a programming language used to dynamically modify HTML. It is "client side" meaning it is run in the web browser. Javascript is sent to the browser along with the HTML.

Why use client-side programming?

Client-side programming allows us to manipulate a web page after it has been loaded by the user. Some practical examples of this are:

  • Creating visual effects such as moving text or images.
  • Validating data entered into a form by a user.
  • Opening new browser windows.
  • Communicating with web server to update data in real time.

What is a Javascript framework?

A Javascript framework is pre-written Javascript code used to speed up web development. Simply put, it enables us to achieve more with fewer lines of code. Some of the built-in features include:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Special effects
  • Event handling
  • AJAX

Other Resources

If you would like to investigate further here are a number of good resources for more information.