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Social media has become an important marketing tool and a great way to keep in contact with your customers and partners.  Drupal has a number of powerful contributed modules which allow us to easily integrate these features.  There are generally three ways in which we harness the power of social media:

Display feeds

Simply put, we bring in and display content which has been posted on 3rd party sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  This is a great way to expose visitors to messages and content you've posted elsewhere.  It also serves to generate interest in your activities on various social media sites.

Share content

Most often this is a link which allows your visitors to post a link to their Facebook wall, add a "like" to their Facebook profile, use Google's new +1 system, or Tweet a link.  Not only does this bring additional expose to your site, it provides free advertising.

Integrate user accounts

Through the use of the contributed modules we are able to integrate Facebook accounts with Drupal user accounts.  This makes it easier for visitors to register with your site and begin using interactive features such as forums, comments, and polls.  By making it easier to sign up you can expect more users to participate.

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