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Drupal 7 has a wealth of contributed modules dedicated to managing and organizing media of virtually any format.   

The Media module makes it easy to upload images, videos, and audio files to your site.  Once uploaded they can be automatically processed to conform to a preset standard such as size or file format.  This means the user no longer needs additional software or experience with image editing.


Media used on your site can be pulled from many sources.  It can be uploaded by a user, or linked from a 3rd party source such as You Tube or Flickr.  The media can then be easily reused throughout your site.  It may be included in pages, galleries, or even in ecommerce product descriptions.


By leveraging and building off of this powerful platform we are able to develop rich, sophisticated, easy to use applications.  This allows us to spend less time on development and more time on design.

Example Galleries

Below are some example galleries which demonstrate some of the features of these modules.  The sizes, order, and appearance of the images are configurable.

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