Tips and advice for those responsible for managing websites and web application projects.

Why you need a Drupal Development Specialist


"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black." - Henry Ford

We see it all over the web, development companies that create sites in nearly every language and technology.  Do they really claim to be experts in everything?  How do they find the time to keep up with all the advancements and changes for so many systems?

Saving Money On Your Next Project


In a previous blog post I discussed how your requirements effect the budget for your project.  In this post we'll get more specific with time and money saving tips for working with developers, designers, or marketing firms.

How To Choose Hosting Support


How to host your website or application is fairly straightforward.  There are really only three choices:  Shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server.  The most important choice is often overlooked however.  

Who will support this site should something go wrong?

The hosting company is responsible for keeping your server online, but that's where their service ends.  The developer is responsible for the programming of the site, but isn't responsible for the server remaining functional, or bugs that appear after the site launches.

The Trouble With Outsourcing


The American economy has demonstrated that outsourcing some types of labor overseas can be beneficial to both business and consumer markets. While this may work for manufacturing roles, it is by no means conducive to quality software development.

Stamping out car parts or computer chips is a cut and dry process that can be delegated to unskilled workers with little or no room for misinterpretation of the details. Since there is only one way to tighten a screw, there are only so many problems that can arise.

Hidden Opportunity Costs


In the course of redesigning a website, or designing a new application it is  wise to think ahead and anticipate your future needs.  With so many possibilities it can be all to easy to make a project too large to handle.

The Right Requirements


Virtually all websites and web applications start with a requirements document, but rarely are these first attempts very helpful to designers or developers.  To be successful you must express your needs and desires to the people who will be working on your project in their language.

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