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Top 5 Tips for Working with Drupal


#1  Don't use generic classes and IDs in your theme

This seems counterintuitive at first.  Naturally you want to name your toolbar "toolbar" and your content "content", but this will cause nothing but heartache down the road.

The trouble is Drupal and other 3rd party systems already have styles defined for these generic classes and IDs.  This will make your styling in Drupal more difficult, and if you use a third party shopping cart it will likely have styles defined for these very same CSS selectors.

Adding a Submit Function to a Webform


Most of us use Webform quite a bit to quickly create forms in Drupal.  It comes with a whole lot of features, but what if you need to add an additional step when the form is submitted?

When manually creating a Drupal form we use a "submit function" to process the form and save the results.  Webform doesn't give us direct access to this function, but we can add additional functions.

Modal forms with jQuery in Drupal 7


Modal forms are very popular nowadays.  While they can be confusing at times they aren't difficult to set up if you have the right tools.

There are several modules available for Drupal 7 that would serve our purpose.  I've found Simple Dialog to be the easiest to use and will demonstrate that here.


Removing excess CSS in Drupal 7


One of the most time consuming and critical tasks in Drupal development is styling the output.  Drupal modules generally come with a default style sheet which can be both a blessing and a curse.

In most cases you'll just override the default style by providing more specific definitions in your site's CSS.  This works fine if you only want to make minor changes but what if you wanted a totally different look?

jQuery Scroll Follow Tutorial


Want to have a "block" element move up and down the page when the page scrolls?  Easy.  I'll show you how to get this up and running with jQuery Scroll Follow and Drupal 7.

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